Festival del barro

Project developed by Versative Design Consultancy, One Town One Product El Salvador, Conamype El Salvador and Taiwan International Development Fund. (Taiwan ICDF)

The Barro Festival takes place in July of each year in the town of Ilobasco. This festivity is known for communicating the identity of the town of Ilobasco, which is characterized by its high quality ceramic products and clay miniatures.


 The brand represents the workflow of the artisans, the versatility of the techniques they present, as well as the cultural vividness of each piece and the insight to keep going, always creating different products.

In El Salvador there are initiatives to promote productive linkage and economic development through the distinctive local industry.

These initiatives use tools such as events and festivals to make strategic alliances between entrepreneurs and artisans to offer an experiential service to the public.

We communicated the identity of the town through a strategy that involved artisans and entrepreneurs from Ilobasco to create a new experience for tourists.

This experience marked a precedent in the history of Ilobasco.

Our participation began in 2016 and has reached the present time. We started with the development stage of a new mud experience that was striking for national and international tourists and allowed them to learn about the artisan techniques of clay such as modeling, miniatures, glazing, among others.


This experience set a precedent in the history of Ilobasco, since for the first time a brand of an event was announced that has the local culture as its main attraction.

We work closely with the tourism committee of the city, businessmen and craftsmen to create an event that lasts over time. Currently it has been three years with this new modality and each edition evolves towards the vision of a cultural festival, full of significant experiences for tourists.

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