María José Suites

Project developed by Versative Design Consultancy.

María José Suites has 16 years of experience in the hotel industry of El Salvador, specializing in offering suites.


We define a style of photography that communicates the essence of the brand. It is known about its facilities, services and dishes offered to its guests; for this, we involve photographs of interiors, exteriors and food photography through foodstyling.

We cover from the web design of María José Suites to its communication in digital media and social networks through photographs and videos.

We define a warmer and more familiar presentation that adapts to the clients' taste and can be appreciated through the visual communication of the hotel.

Production of promotional video for hotel social networks.

Photograph of food for use in social networks.

Photograph of hotel environments.

Photograph of hotel amenities for uses in digital media.

Photograph of hotel amenities for uses in digital media.

The website for María José Suites was developed in two languages. The main objective of this platform is to provide potential hotel customers with a previous experience of the environment that is experienced when contracting their services, showing the comfort of their facilities and the friendly treatment of their clients through graphic resources.

For its promotion, a graphic style with clean compositions of the facilities and amenities was defined, using as a main resource the photography and the trademark of the brand for each piece.

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SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR  .  Tel.: (503) 2521 3407