Hamaca Own Lai

Project in cooperation with:

Taiwan International Development Fund and Conamype

The shape of our packaging represents the sweetness of a nation, through the stylization of the unique way of preserving the panela with the maize gourd in El Salvador. Indigo is an ancestral element of our culture, this color represents the spiritual peace of each person.


Our pineapple cookies were elaborated through a process that allowed experimentation and search of forms that were representative of our country.


In conjunction with the three coworking, the research and development of cookie molds was carried out, which considered the use of technological tools such as 3D printing and CNC lathe to support the manufacturing process.

Hammock Own Lai means "Hammock of good fortune" and represents a gift of prosperity, success and abundance for those who receive it.

We develop a product that represents elements of El Salvador's identity and at the same time supports the production of a value chain that focuses on the textile, ceramic and artisanal sweets market.

Hamaca Own Lai cookies are a special handmade product of excellent quality made by Salvadoran hands, this product represents cultural values and identity traits in its production and presentation.

Made by Salvadoran hands of artisans who day by day make a difference in their environment.

Training of producers for the generation of value chain. Ilobasco, El Salvador.

Ilobasco, El Salvador.

Production of textiles for packaging. San Sebastián, El Salvador.

From the pineapple farms, use of 3D printing technology, metallurgical mold testing, testing of ceramic molds and production of the outer cover of hammock fabric and cloth dyed with indigo.


This is a first step within the great possibilities that the system offers, generating new working relationships, focused on innovation and the development of products that represent El Salvador, its cultural values and its identity in an international market.

Training of producers for the generation of value chain. Ilobasco, El Salvador.

To make possible the development of Hamaca Own Lai we involve and connect more than 200 people combining academia and the public - private relationship with the Co - Working.con los Co - Working.

We firmly believe that cooperation between the public-private-academic alliance can bring great benefits for our country. For the Hamaca Own Lai project, we collaborated in the strategic planning of the CoWorking project to establish points of production and transformation that would make possible the creation and commercialization of this product.

Thanks to Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund) for the support in the development of this project and for sharing the same vision of the scope of design in our country.

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