We design for a purpose,

we design for sustainability.

At VDC we are committed to generating an impact in our social environment by leading design projects focused on people along with organizations that share the belief that change can be promoted through design.

Our country of origin, El Salvador, is affected by a series of macro problems in the economy, politics and social security that affect the welfare of our people. At VDC we care and work to develop solutions that have a positive effect on people's lives.


Designing for development is our main objective and our actions are aligned with the UN's Social Development Goals (SDGs) with the support of key partners to make El Salvador grow.

We believe in design as an engine of development and innovation.

Our strategic division focuses on bringing the limits of design in our country to new horizons, in which creative methods of problem solving are integrated to generate innovation strategies that are applied to systems, product development, value chains, methods of marketing, territorial storytelling, etc.


Our actions operate under the fundamental idea that there are no limits to achieve a real impact on the lives of people through design.

Day by day we work as a team to continue growing a community of creative professionals who share the same vision.


Our doors are open to be part of a team that wants to support projects in collaboration with non-profit organizations and institutions that seek the common good.

Join our effort and together we will make a difference.

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SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR  .  Tel.: (503) 2521 3407