Típicos Margoth

Project in collaboration with DNA Branding.

Typical Margoth is a restaurant famous for its high quality Salvadoran food and a point visited by tourists who want to try typical dishes.


In our work we communicate the connection with Salvadoran ingredients and a recognizable environment to link people.

Food photography that enhance traditional Salvadoran cuisine.

We managed to bring food that, due to its context, is usually not shown in a controlled environment or in high quality images, keeping the details of its ingredients, textures and colors.

The editing process was done in Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC, where colors were adjusted and they treated imperfections in the dishes and food, generating the final file with the specifications requested by the client.

We show the typical preparation of the dishes with a warm styling.

We accompany each dish with props pertinent to the preparation of each one, whether they are ingredients or textiles referring to the traditional Salvadoran graphics.

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR  .  Tel.: (503) 2521 3407