Branding and experience: Versative Design Consultancy

The Villateca store (MiPueblo) was born as a joint initiative between the MOJE Association and Restaurante Tiestos with the purpose of creating a local store that promotes only original products that are not a replica of another workshop or country, that meet identity criteria, high quality , innovation and social responsibility.


In the initial exploration, a field investigation was carried out to identify related elements present in stores, their type of commercialization and target public, all this with the objective of establishing common points that gave us a general overview of what the market offers.

The Villateca store articulates an organization of producers and artisans from different markets to be able to offer their products to the final consumer for sale.

This unique process of product selection is aligned with the criteria established by El Salvador's One Town One Product program, which classifies Salvadoran affiliated products from one to three stars.

Thanks to the research we determined the differentiating aspects of Villateca, the main one being the organization of producers and the classification of products with quality criteria.

Villateca is a compound word that represents a place that contains the essentials of all peoples.

We consider "the essential" as the distinctive local industry of each town or municipality.

Application of wall furniture in the Villateca store. Ilobasco, El Salvador.

VILLA: It is a population that has received explicit recognitions and privileges from the local government, category before being recognized as a city.

TECA: Suffix "-teca" indicating deposit, place to store something or where certain activities are carried out. Etymologically it comes from the Greek "theke" which means "box".


The slogan of the brand represents the handmade work of the producers, each with an initiative that fights for their dreams and their ideals. Villateca becomes a space that compiles the dreams of many within each product.

The creation of this store marks a point of support for the promotion and commercialization of handicraft products that have quality, in order to improve the living conditions of the people involved in the artisanal manufacture and feed a value chain with export potential.

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